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Our essence

The universe of beauty is surrounded by promises. The shampoo that moisturizes, the cream that restores, the mask that nourishes. A practice that elevates the expectations of consumers when they buy a product. Especially when it comes to Brazilians, who are extremely vain.

But for YBERA, before the promises must come the certainties.

This is the path that the brand makes a point of going through in the creation of its products. A path based on transparency. Because no solution is born before a real problem. And no formula should come before an idea.

So new products are born based on true needs of customers and professionals in the field. The creation of the first progressive brush without formaldehyde is a good example of this way of thinking.

By combining the innovative DNA and reliability of its high-performance products, Ybera takes beauty to meet the longing of the modern woman. Always with expectations met by real results.

YBERA. You really are beautiful.


Our story

With 10 years in market, YBERA is a highlight in the professional cosmetic segment in Brazil and the world for its professional excellence and technological innovations, becoming one of the main Brazilian brands in this market.

Founded in Espírito Santo by the Sauana couple and Johnathan Alves, the company is present in more than 32 countries. Ybera products are of high quality and cater to all types of services offered in beauty salons. With tailor-made manufacturing, the brand's vision captures the needs of professional hairdressers by leveraging their goals.

Currently the company has a catalog with more than 150 products distributed in 19 lines ranging from professional to maintenance.


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