The success story of YBERA®Professional

YBERA®Professional is an ethical company, intensively engaged with environmental issues, adding value to its products offered to consumers. Within the system, we established sustainable policies for reuse of water resources, chemical waste reduction for the environment and a strong commitment to the refusal of animal testing.

The production plant of YBERA®Professional is state of the art Equipped and highly qualified Professionals guarantee the production of finest products with high quality and safety standards.

YBERA®Professional gained the prominence in the Cosmetics sector in Brazil and thru out the world because of its professional excellence and expertise. With presence in over 60 countries worldwide, our high quality products satisfy all the assumptions of a modern Salon. The company has developed a customized production line with a vision that includes the need of Salon development. YBERA®Professional has become a synonym for innovation because it effectively addresses the needs of the female Universe.

And for the future...

After the extremely successful entrance of our worldwide first Stem Cell Therapy DISCOVERY, based on PhytoCellTechTM technology that changed the sector of hair therapies completely, we will continue our commitment to formulate scientifically superior products for the global Salon community as we forge ahead in the millennium. As Steve Jobs said: Stay hungry, stay foolish.